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Facilities for Education brings special challenges.


Keeping students and property safe, Providing real-world RFID experience, innovation and customer support.




Security products and solutions

Audio Video for the classrooms

Student ID and access control

Interactive displays and

media content players


Quality products

and solutions

Diverse, Dynamic,



Entrepreneurial team 

Extensive service

and Support

Protect assets and keep your guest safe

Address the primary concern of Security

Comprehensive safety and security solution


  • Audio Video

  • Projection Displays

  • Public address

  • Access Control

  • Time attendance

  • Conferencing and Discussion Systems

Businesses face the challenge of ensuring safety of employees, assets and data. We provide access control and asset tracking with RFID solutions.

UAE's preferred supplier of Electronics/ IT systems and solutions


RFID is a tracking technology that uses small tags or chips to transmit a signal to remote scanners. The technology allows to track inventory throughout the retail supply chain, from the warehouse shelves all the way to the sales floor.

RFID is being used to increase work efficiency, boost sales and customer service levels.

Manage Inventory- See what's in stock and what's available for purchase.

Improve inventory accuracy

Faster checkout experience

Time saving and greater accuracy in retail operations

Digital Signage


Smarter way to communicate with your customers

Display content in either portrait or landscape mode

Accessible from anywhere using web browser


Upload your content including videos, images, documents and schedule to play using the pay lists.


Divide your screen to display multiple contents in multiple windows.


Schedule and publish your messages


Storefront Digital Signage displays


Information display systems


Elevator  screens and displays


Digital menu Boards


Way-finding  signage for malls


Touch screen public display


Meeting room displays

Door Signs, Announcements for future events

Corporate communication in commercial buildings

Flexible, Powerful and Effective way to convey information

Moving elements draw attention

Control content for every screen from anywhere

Perfect medium for advertising

More branding           More promotion           More revenue